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Best Parking Games

Play the best flash parking games available to be played online. For free, you can experience the adrenaline of reaching narrow spaces to park your vehicle, without the fear of having to call the insurance company. A few years ago people used to search for the best racing games, where you would control the car from the beginning to the finish line, but someone noticed that there was something missing, the car needed to go somewhere after the race, and that's when the Parking games started to get famous.

The Car Parking games look simple and you might think that they don't represent any challenge at all. Well, you couldn't be more wrong. If you ever tried to park a car in real life, you know it's not easy, right? Now try to do that using the arrow keys from your keyboard, you wouldn't even risk that if you had to pay for scratches or any worse damage that you may cause. We also want you to really feel nervous and excited during the game, so we will provide the most expensive and beautiful cars that we can find in the virtual world and a very difficult spot to park it.

So cars aren't really your thing and you are already thinking of not parking anymore? Don't try to make an excuse to run away from the challenge, we have something special for you: our Boat Parking games. Yes, you will have to get out of the streets and manage to park the boat using a helm. I hope you don't feel seasick out of the ground, but that was your choice to not sit comfortably on a car's seat, now you must prove that you are good or we shall tell your friends.

But boats do make you feel seasick and cars are too boring for you, still, we have an ace in the hole. For those prepared to face the ultimate challenge among the best parking games, there are the Truck Parking games, which only the best and skilful are prepared to try and prove their abilities. Giant and long trucks are waiting for you to guide them through tight places, not recommended for those afraid of driving the little cars. Then we have saved the best for the last, the Misc Parking games, a discreet name for a category filled with huge Plane and Tank parking games.

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